The Selection Lab

When graduation from university is in the near future, many students experience a lot of stress concerning finding their dream job or ideal internship. No wonder because this is a decision that for now small part will influence the rest of your career. But where to begin? How do you find your perfect workplace amongst the countless companies and law firms?

As we see it, the perfect workplace is not only defined by a place where you can develop yourself whilst earning a big salary. To us it is also defined by a great team fit and a place where your needs and preferences in the type of work, workstyle and coaching are being met.

We can help you find this dream start of your career. Based on a 30-minute personality questionnaire, we compare your personality profile with that of happy and successful employees at companies and law firms throughout the Netherlands. Does their profile resemble yours and does the organization meet your requirements and expectations? Then our algorithm matches you to them. And if you want, we can even arrange a job interview for you. 1000 students already preceded you within the legal sector. Do you also want to give it a shot or would you like some more information? Go to to find out more. You can even start our questionnaire right away by clicking on this link



27 November 2019:

ELSA Day: Freedom of Expression Online

20 November 2019:

Work-Life Workshop

16 January 2019:

Moot Court Competition

28-29-30 November 2018:

ELSA Day - "Right to Education" - Book Donation Event

20 November 2018:

ICC visit with ELSA Amsterdam

15 November 2018:

Studentendag  Ministerie van Financien

7 November 2018:

Constitution Drinks